Foreclosure Defense

Committed To Advocating For ‘The 99 Percent’ In Foreclosure And Consumer Fraud Cases.

The economic collapse of 2008 initiated a historic rash of foreclosures across the U.S. that continues to push families out of their homes. Fighting a foreclosure and remaining in your house has always been possible, but until recently it has been rare. In the past year or two, however, more homeowners are successfully challenging foreclosure actions.

What led to this change? A significant factor has been a shift in attitude toward the real estate industry and the banks that prop it up. Increased evidence shows that the real estate industry has been rife with fraudulent and predatory lending practices. This has resulted in courts being more sympathetic toward homeowners, rather than rubber-stamping foreclosure actions.

The Breeden Law Firm in New Orleans, Louisiana, is dedicated to helping Louisiana businesses and individuals assert their rights in consumer and commercial litigation. This includes a commitment to helping individuals stop foreclosure proceedings and stay in their homes.

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