P. Michael Breeden

Attorney P. Michael Breeden is an experienced civil litigation lawyer committed to protecting the rights of everyday Louisiana residents who find themselves in the midst of foreclosure procedures, consumer protection, or personal injury situations.

Before he began helping Louisiana businesses and individuals assert their rights in consumer and commercial litigation, he spent nearly five years representing insurance providers in a wide variety of matters. In that role, he gained experience and insight into preparing medical malpractice and personal injury cases from the insurance provider’s perspective. That experience provides the ability to more accurately assess the value of a personal injury case for injured clients, and it helps prepare the arguments that will be used against clients during negotiations and at trial.

Michael Breeden continues the law practice of his father, the late Patrick D. Breeden, who instilled in him the belief that attorneys are duty bound to assist people who are struggling with situations – oftentimes financial hardship that clients could not control and were not prepared for. We do what is most important for our clients and help them stay in their homes while the legal process sorts itself out and provide the best course of action to protect their immediate and future financial needs.

If your mortgage lender is proceeding with the foreclosure process, or if you are wrestling to recover compensation in a consumer fraud or personal injury case, Michael welcomes the opportunity to review the facts of your case and provide a straightforward assessment. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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